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Sol705 campaign

Fahrenheit trailer premiere archived preview

The great people at Quantic Dream have been kind enough to give Adventure Gamers a chance to host the world premiere of this brand new trailer for Fahrenheit!

For those who have not already caught on to the buzz, Fahrenheit is Quantic Dream's hotly anticipated 3D adventure game that promises to revolutionize the concept of storytelling in a game. Ever since we had a chance to play it at E3, we've known that this would be one of the games to trulydefine the genre in coming years--and this brand new trailer reinforces that belief even more! The story of the game revolves around Lucas Kane, an ordinary guy who becomes wrapped up in a dark murder mystery in a future New York City. The new trailer focuses more on the characters and storylines in the game, showing some of the things going on in Kane's confused mind.

For more detailed information on the game, please be sure to read our E3 2004 preview.

Below are two versions of the trailer. The left one is a smaller version for streaming. The right one is a larger version for downloading; a broadband connection is recommended for downloading this file. Enjoy!

Image #1

Small Version

Quicktime, 4 Mb



Image #2

Broadband Version

DivX, 14Mb





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archived preview