Puzzling (Mis)Adventures

Our regular round-up of puzzle-platformers and other puzzle-centric games

Puzzling (Mis)adventures: Volume 6 - Quantum Conundrum, Antichamber feature

Our ongoing search for alternate puzzle-solving experiences took us through a portal into two reality-shifting dimensions.

2 | Mar 8, 2013

Puzzling (Mis)adventures: Volume 5 - Unmechanical, Snapshot feature

Outside the confines of traditional genre borders, two little bots braved the platforming world in search of challenging puzzles.

0 | Nov 23, 2012

Catherine review

Part interactive drama, part action-puzzler, this unique psychological romance doesn't cheat players on either depth of story or engaging gameplay.

2 | Nov 4, 2011

Puzzling (Mis)adventures: Volume 4 - Crayon Physics Deluxe, Your Doodles Are Bugged! feature

Picture a world where puzzles can be solved with childlike art and a little imagination.

0 | May 23, 2011

Puzzling (Mis)adventures: Volume 3 - Limbo, Super Scribblenauts, The UnderGarden feature

Outside the adventure genre, there are unique puzzling experiences found high and low, even between life and death.

1 | Dec 27, 2010

Puzzling (Mis)adventures: Volume 2 - Lucidity, Max & the Magic Marker, P.B. Winterbottom feature

If you’re ready to jump into the world of puzzle-platformers, here are three to seriously think about.

5 | Aug 13, 2010

Rooms: The Main Building review

This refreshingly unique puzzler may just nudge your appreciation of sliders up a few notches.

4 | Jun 3, 2010

Scribblenauts review

This unique DS puzzler shoots for the stars with its emergent gameplay, though it's not always as fun as you'd imagine.

3 | Oct 30, 2009

Puzzling (Mis)adventures: Volume 1 - Braid, And Yet It Moves, and World of Goo feature

AG hasn't jumped allegiances, but searching high and low revealed puzzles galore in these least expected places.

13 | Jul 10, 2009

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