Following Freeware

Our regular round-up of freeware homebrew adventure games

Five Years of Following Freeware: Year Three freeware feature

As our weeklong freeware flashback continues, there's still time to catch up on another year's worth of memorable relics of the past.

Five Years of Following Freeware: Year Two freeware feature

Our week-long retrospective continues to unfold as we root out and revisit the best free adventures of the last five years.

Five Years of Following Freeware: Year One freeware feature

We kick off a week-long retrospective on the fifth anniversary of Following Freeware, offering a second chance to discover what you've missed.

Following Freeware - July 2015 releases freeware feature

A month may not be enough time to visit all the games in our latest round-up of stellar indie adventures.

Following Freeware - June 2015 releases freeware feature

This month's top free indies range from a full-fledged fan-made Myst adventure to a nice light adventuring snack.

Following Freeware - May 2015 releases freeware feature

None of the month's top free adventures you'll be dying to play slipped through the cracks of time or space.

Following Freeware - April 2015 releases freeware feature

Scouring every crook and cranny, we've come up with another monster month of top free indie adventures.

Following Freeware - March 2015 releases freeware feature

We've doggedly sniffed out another great month of top free indies, and our latest round-up paints the picture.

Following Freeware - February 2015 releases freeware feature

We're not messing around with this month's round-up of top free indie adventures.

Following Freeware - January 2015 releases freeware feature

The new year goes straight to hell in the first round of 2015 freeware releases, but it sure is fun getting out again.

Following Freeware: December 2014 releases freeware feature

Before turning the page completely on 2014, we've whipped up one final round-up of the top free indies.

Following Freeware: November 2014 releases freeware feature

Even a mini-month of freeware coverage is enough for a long walk, a date in the park, and plenty more.

Following Freeware - October 2014 releases freeware feature

The question is when, not IF, you'll want to play this month's text adventuring extravanganza (with a few graphic bonuses to boot).

Following Freeware: September 2014 releases freeware feature

With so many top free indies to crow about, constructing another impressive monthly list shouldn't be a tough sell.

Following Freeware: August 2014 releases freeware feature

We skipped across the world for another round of top free indies, and bare all in our steamiest round-up yet.

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