Following Freeware

Our regular round-up of freeware homebrew adventure games

Following Freeware - July 2016 releases freeware feature

Our latest freeware round-up lets you dive right into another month's worth of top indie adventures.

0 | Aug 26, 2016

Following Freeware - June 2016 releases freeware feature

We've jammed an almost sinful number of top new indie adventures into this month's freeware round-up.

0 | Jul 27, 2016

Following Freeware - May 2016 releases freeware feature

Though swamped with another month of top free indies, we focused our sights on these seven sweet adventures.

0 | Jun 29, 2016

Following Freeware - April 2016 releases freeware feature

Instead of showering us with an abundance of new adventures, April provided a light but memorable smattering of top free indie games.

0 | May 31, 2016

Following Freeware - March 2016 releases freeware feature

Feast your eyes as we do a flyby of another full month's worth of top indie freeware adventures.

0 | Apr 29, 2016

Following Freeware - February 2016 releases freeware feature

We leapt into last month's top indie games with reckless abandon, and crowned it off with some we missed from January.

0 | Mar 28, 2016

Following Freeware - January 2016 releases freeware feature

Though a light month for indie titles, we ventured through the looking glass and beyond to unearth the month's best.

0 | Feb 29, 2016

Following Freeware - December 2015 releases freeware feature

Our final round-up of 2015's free indie adventures is all over the map, covering all eight(?) continents and beyond.

0 | Jan 29, 2016

Following Freeware - November 2015 releases freeware feature

It's well worth sticking with these top free indie adventures as we round out another year of freeware in style.

0 | Dec 31, 2015

Following Freeware - October 2015 releases freeware feature

Save up your money this month by playing a light but heavenly selection of new free indie adventures.

0 | Nov 30, 2015

Following Freeware - September 2015 releases freeware feature

Just in time for Halloween is a grab bag of treats and scares in our monthly freeware round-up.

0 | Oct 28, 2015

Following Freeware - August 2015 releases freeware feature

Eureka! We close out the month with an all-new cluster of top free indie adventures.

0 | Sep 30, 2015

Five Years of Following Freeware: Year Five freeware feature

We wrap up five years in five days of top free adventures with one final look back at games you don't want to sleep on.

3 | Sep 18, 2015

Five Years of Following Freeware: Year Four freeware feature

Our five-day freeware extravaganza loops back another year with a glorious hodgepodge of homages, sequels, and original adventures.

1 | Sep 17, 2015

Five Years of Following Freeware: Year Three freeware feature

As our weeklong freeware flashback continues, there's still time to catch up on another year's worth of memorable relics of the past.

0 | Sep 16, 2015

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