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Adventure game game announcements

Showing the latest articles sorted by date published on Adventure Gamers. You can also view our complete list of top reviewed adventure games, search through or browse our Games Database (A-Z).

Last Stop review Article

Last Stop review

There isn't much challenge to halt progress, but the new game from the creators of Virginia will captivate you with its three dramatic, slickly produced stories.

Review score - 3.5 Read the review » Oct 15, 2021
Døm Rusalok review Article

Døm Rusalok review

This post-Soviet side-scrolling adventure provides a compelling pixel art horror ambience, though some punishing technical issues are unearthed along the way.

Review score - 3 Read the review » Oct 13, 2021
Down in Bermuda review Article

Down in Bermuda review

It's easy to lose oneself for a couple hours in this beautifully charming little isometric puzzler from the creators of Agent A.

Review score - 4.5 Read the review » Oct 11, 2021
Twelve Minutes review Article

Twelve Minutes review

This looping top-down murder mystery provides plenty of compelling possibilities, though the good times begin to diminish as the repetition increases.

Review score - 3 Read the review » Oct 8, 2021
Critters for Sale review Article

Critters for Sale review

This unique anthology of retro-styled 1-bit adventures pays off with an abundance of nightmare weirdness and deeply unsettling ambience.

Review score - 4 Read the review » Oct 6, 2021
Chicory: A Colorful Tale review Article

Chicory: A Colorful Tale review

A few optional boss fights are easily glossed over by a tasty blend of whimsically charming world painting and a surprisingly poignant underlying story.

Review score - 5 Read the review » Sep 29, 2021
Fire Tonight review Article

Fire Tonight review

Though its tale of separated lovers is charming while it lasts, this isometric adventure is so short and simple that its gameplay potential quickly goes up in smoke.

Review score - 2.5 Read the review » Sep 27, 2021
Filament review Article

Filament review

This sci-fi puzzler is as proficient at weaving a compelling narrative thread as it is presenting a host of challenging variations on a single wire-based conceit.

Review score - 4.5 Read the review » Sep 22, 2021
The Corruption Within review Article

The Corruption Within review

Although plagued somewhat by its short length, this atmospheric retro-styled slideshow adventure brings out the best of the familiar gothic horror genre.

Review score - 3 Read the review » Sep 20, 2021
TOEM review Article

TOEM review

This charming black-and-white isometric photography adventure is sure to make you smile for the precious few hours it takes to reach the end.

Review score - 4.5 Read the review » Sep 17, 2021
Distraint 2 review Article

Distraint 2 review

Its lack of puzzle challenge is redeemed by a haunting atmosphere and a fearless exploration of dark themes in this atmospheric side-scrolling sequel.

Review score - 3 Read the review » Sep 15, 2021
Onirike review Article

Onirike review

Though lacking in puzzle challenge, this lovely Burton-esque action-adventure is a dream come true for those up for some surreal 3D platforming.

Review score - 3.5 Read the review » Sep 13, 2021
Nemezis: Mysterious Journey III review Article

Nemezis: Mysterious Journey III review

Detalion's series revival is a visual delight, but enjoyment is regularly opposed by a confusing story, cumbersome interface and poor puzzles.

Review score - 2 Read the review » Sep 10, 2021
Death Off the Cuff – Remastered review Article

Death Off the Cuff – Remastered review

Now with music and illustrations, this charming text adventure has a few fun tricks up its sleeve in subverting the classic whodunit.

Review score - 3.5 Read the review » Sep 8, 2021
Maquette review Article

Maquette review

An impressive recursive puzzle world is modeled in beautiful 3D environments, but it's hard to love the characters driving the underlying romance story.

Review score - 3 Read the review » Sep 6, 2021

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