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An overview of article features on Adventure Gamers, from our yearly acclaimed Aggies to a variety of special articles covering all aspects of the Adventure Game ecosystem.

Casual adventuring 4 Article

Casual adventuring: hidden object retail round-up

Seek the names Hardy Boys, Cate West, Mortimer Beckett, and Samantha Swift, and store shelves are now where you'll find them.

Read more Sep 14, 2009
Developer’s Desk Article

Developer’s Desk #2: Aaron Conners - 2010: A Game Design Odyssey

From the desk of Tex Murphy's co-designer comes a candid genre retrospective with a bright outlook of opportunity for the future.

Read more Aug 28, 2009
Adventure Architect Article

Adventure Architect: Rise of the Hidden Sun cinematic prologue

Dawn breaks on 'Rattlesnake' Jake Dawson's adventure with this exclusive premiere of the animated prologue.

Read more Jul 22, 2009
Developer’s Desk: Steve Ince Article

Developer’s Desk #1: Steve Ince - We Live in Interesting Times

An all-new monthly feature of developer guest columns premieres as Steve Ince sees opportunity in interesting times.

Read more Jul 17, 2009
Platforming misadventures Article

Puzzling (Mis)adventures: Volume 1 - Braid, And Yet It Moves, and World of Goo

AG hasn't jumped allegiances, but searching high and low revealed puzzles galore in these least expected places.

Read more Jul 10, 2009
E3 2009 Article

E3 2009: Day 2 Wrap-Up

The second day of the Electronic Entertainment Expo was even crazier as the first.

Read more Jun 4, 2009
E3 2009 Article

E3 2009: Day 1 Wrap-Up

A thinned-down E3 was still stuffed full of games to see on the opening day of the show.

Read more Jun 3, 2009
Casual adventuring 3 Article

Casual adventuring: cross-genre franchises

Don't be fooled by that name on the box! These popular protagonists and more are appearing in hidden object titles.

Read more Apr 27, 2009

A World of Little Hopes for the Genre

Faced with a trio of challenging uncertainties, there's still plenty of hope for the genre if it's able to adapt.

Read more Apr 4, 2009
Aggie Awards Article

2008 Aggie Awards

The best of the best adventures from 2008 have all been recognized, as the inaugural three-day Aggie Awards event is now complete.

Read more Feb 18, 2009
Aggie Awards Readers’ Choice Article

2008 Aggie Awards - Readers’ Choice poll

The best adventures of 2008 go head-to-head for the coveted "Readers' Choice" Aggie Awards. Who will be the big winners? Have your say!

Read more Feb 9, 2009
AG old generic logo Article

2008 Aggie Award nominees

For the first time ever, Adventure Gamers will soon be presenting awards for the best games of 2008. Finalists announced today!

Read more Feb 7, 2009

Troubling Nintendo Portent for the Genre

The future once seemed so promising, but the adventure market is now getting choked with Wii and DS ports.

Read more Jan 31, 2009

Casual Invasion: Concealing Hidden Dangers

Lost in a crowd of hidden object hybrids, can adventure games find their way clear?

Read more Jan 22, 2009

Whither the Publishers? (or Publishers Wither)

Key genre publishers are disappearing at an alarming rate, so where will new adventures come from?

Read more Jan 15, 2009

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