Underground Dispatch: October 2003

The latest in Underground news for the month of October.

PCFreeware Oct 7, 2003

Underground Dispatch: September 2003

The Underground returns with a summer's worth of amateur adventure news!

PCFreeware Sep 2, 2003

Adventure Architect: Part Seven

The highly anticipated new edition of Josh Roberts' journey through amateur adventure design!

PCFreeware Aug 26, 2003

Adventure Architect: Part Six

Contributors Wanted—Dead or Alive!

PCFreeware Mar 25, 2003

The Adventure Company Europe

We were in Paris for the launch of a new Dreamcatcher subsidiary.

Mar 7, 2003

Tierra Entertainment: Game Design Q&A

The creators of the fanmade King's Quest remakes share their insight with fellow indie developers.

PCFreeware Jan 31, 2003

Amateur Adventure Primer

If you're new to the amateur adventure scene, here's five games that you should make sure you play!

PCFreeware Jan 31, 2003

Adventure Architect: Part Five

This month: Josh talks about forming a design team, and storyboarding the game.

PCFreeware Jan 31, 2003

Countdown Rebuttal

The rest of the staff responds to Evan's list of top 20 adventure games.

Jan 24, 2003

Adventure Architect: Part Four

Pre-production ideas—characters, locations, and puzzles.

PCFreeware Jan 5, 2003

Adventure Architect: Part Three

Giving the game a beginning, middle, and end.

PCFreeware Nov 22, 2002

Rose-Colored Glasses

Have we glorified the genre's "Golden Age"?

Nov 18, 2002

Adventure Architect: Part Two

Choosing an adventure game setting.

PCFreeware Oct 17, 2002

IF Week Part 5: So You Want to Write IF?

Sep 25, 2002

IF Week Part 4: Five IF Personalites

Sep 24, 2002

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