Adventure game features for Xbox

An overview of article features for Xbox on Adventure Gamers, from our yearly acclaimed Aggies to a variety of special articles covering all aspects of the Adventure Game ecosystem.

Adventures in Storytelling: Fragments of Him, Virginia Article

Adventures in Storytelling: Fragments of Him, Virginia

These stylistically different him-and-her games are both emotionally powerful but broken down by largely non-interactive storytelling.

Read more Nov 25, 2016
Why Gone Home is a Game Article

Why ‘Gone Home’ Is a Game

Designer Steve Gaynor explains why the family story exploration is still a game without guns, puzzles, or other traditional obstacles.

Read more Jul 11, 2014
Xmas Article

An FMV Christmas 2012: Season’s Greetings

Wishing you all a very happy holiday, we are pleased to present a who's who video compilation of adventure game developers sending you their very best.

Read more Dec 24, 2012