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Jack the Ripper hands-on archived preview

Evan gives us his first impressions after some hands-on playing time with TAC's newest adventure.

Gabriel Knight 2: The Beast Within review

Flashback Friday: See how Sierra overcame the curse of FMV to produce this classic adventure.

Review score - 4.5 Read the review » Jan 23, 2004

2003 AG Underground Awards

Here are the nominees for our first annual awards celebrating the best amateur adventures!

Read more Jan 21, 2004

Perils of Poom review

New writer Berian Williams takes a closer look at one of the best Underground adventures of 2003.

Review score - 0 Read the review » Jan 19, 2004

Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers review

A flashback review of the epic 1993 voodoo mystery.

Review score - 5 Read the review » Jan 16, 2004

Gabriel Knight series overview

Dan gives us a look at the Gabriel Knight series.

Read more Jan 15, 2004

Mysterious Journey II review

Heidi Fournier tells us why Mysterious Journey II is ultimately a mixed bag.

Review score - 2.5 Read the review » Jan 14, 2004

Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade review

Flashback Friday: We go back to 1989 with a review of Indiana Jones' first PC adventure.

Review score - 2 Read the review » Jan 9, 2004

Nick It & Run review

Is it a lost adventure by LucasArts? No, it's Al Gurbish in "Nick it and Run!"

Review score - 0 Read the review » Jan 8, 2004

URU Diaries: Part 2

Having conquered the single-player component, Jim now chronicles his journey into the Prologue of URU Live.

Read more Jan 6, 2004

Adventure Architect: Part Eight

Josh returns with the latest installment of his amateur game design journal. This month's topic: The art of puzzle design!

Read more Jan 5, 2004

Ernest Adams interview

Well-known columnist and book author Ernest Adams' thoughts on the adventure genre.

Read interview Dec 30, 2003

Developer Q&As

Ken Williams, Aaron Loeb (Planet Moon Studios), Randy Pitchford (Gearbox Software) and Ragnar Tornquist give their thoughts on adventure games.

Read more Dec 30, 2003

Commercial Adventures are Dying? Hooray!

Has Dave gone mad? Find out.

Read more Dec 29, 2003

Children’s adventures

A look at the oft-ignored genre of children's adventures.

Read more Dec 28, 2003

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