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Default Sam & Max reunion

Since the game is still in the design I'm sure it's too early, but I'll ask anyway: Any word on getting Mike Stemmle back with Sam & Max? How about Farmer and Jameson for the voices?
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Originally Posted by Udvarnoky
Since the band is reuniting, I'm sure it's too early, but I'll ask anyway: Any word on getting James Iha back with Corgan & Chamberlain? How about D'arcy for the bass?
sorry it was so easy to edit.
but the original voices WOULD be nice.
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Nice? It would be ideal, I coulden't imagine Sam & Max with different voices. But Im just greatful theres a new game coming out.

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Telltale's door is always open to Mike, though he's super busy writing Star Trek stuff at the moment. I'm sure he'll have an opportunity to "editorialize" our script from time to time.

The process of finding the right voices is certainly challenging! We've been really impressed with everything Bay Area Sound has done with the voice for Bone and CSI. And of course we're working very closely with Steve Purcell when selecting the voices!
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