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Default Download Vs Retail

You have seen both sides of this argument with Bone and CSI 3.

What do you see as the benefits and disadvantages of both methods?
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I think downloading is bad if

1. you're on dial-up
2. if you're using some pay-as-you-go service so you'll end up paying a LOT in phone bills because of the amount of time that this will take.

but the advantages are that you dont have to look for a publisher or anything (which was the death of many of the 'first wave' of adventure games)
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I think they are just different.

I look at it kind of like this:
Retail = Movie Theaters - Big, long, expensive to build and experince
Online = Televsion - Shorter, cheaper, more frequent

Telltale does both!
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Will Bone ever be sold in retail outlets in some sort of collection? I mean, once the episodes are done.
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Originally Posted by avatar_58
Will Bone ever be sold in retail outlets in some sort of collection? I mean, once the episodes are done.
Kevin has addressed at least the collection aspect of this here.
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