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Exclamation Future of adventure games

Could you tell me your opinion about the future of the adventure
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And what do you think is the position of adventure games right now in comparison with other genres?
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I personally think we are at a very exciting time for the genre. Lots of games are being made right now, some with decent budgets, and more variety than we've seen in a long time. Developers are finding new ways to create gameplay rather than to just create the most convoluted nonsensical crazy inventory puzzles they can think of. New platforms are being utilized (like the DS) and I think the Revolution will also be a potentially great platform for adventure games.

Plus I think that new players are being drawn into the genre through licensed games and through games that are more accessible to them. This is healthy and good. I really think that adventure gaming has a very bright future ahead of it.
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And just what is wrong with convoluted nonsensical crazy inventory puzzles? OK, actually I'm not in favor of nonsensical, which makes them unfair.

Yeah, adventure games have had problems trying to compete in a hit-driven, huge-budget marketplace, but obviously we're trying to change that. I've often said they're not dead, only sleeping, and maybe with a little design sense we can rescue them.
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