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This is a bit of a longshot - I don't know how many people here would have read it but I always thought Transmetropolitan would translate to a great adventure game - or even a series of them (it's an adult-targetted "comic" series about a gonzo journalist a couple of hundred years in the future). The world is richly detailed with many interesting futuristic concepts and the humour is great. It'd definitely be for more mature gamers though, considering a lot of the topic matter.

Plus I'd think Warren Ellis would be happy to work out some sort of license for a game - he always seems to talk about how he's short on cash in his blog.

If you haven't read any Transmet here's a link to one chapter from the series: The hosting of that chapter is condoned by Warren Ellis himself so no worries about copyright etc. Although, this chapter doesn't give a good idea as to who the lead character is really - it does give a good idea of the Transmetroplitan "universe" so to speak.

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