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Originally Posted by Jake
Yeah I was hoping when someone replied so quickly that they were going to dump some well referenced article into my lap to make me be quiet, but instead you sort of agreed with me. My skepticisim is just a thinly veiled cry for help, or something.
LucasArts' own statement (official bs as it might be) was:
Grim Fandango met domestic expectations and exceeded them worldwide.

Anyhow, doing a Net search, I came across an article at Avault that says:
Products like Battlezone, Grim Fandango and the last Secret of Monkey Island are just a couple games I know off the top of my head that did around 30,000 units.
The article is dated June 24, 2002 but doesn't say where the data comes from. Having said that, Just Adventure states the following about U.S. sales:
According to figures supplied by PC Data, Grim Fandango has sold approximately 95,000 copies since its release. This does not include overseas or online purchases.
The article is not dated.

Just Adventure has used PC Data's information to compile adventure games sales lists in the past, too. According to one such list, Grim Fandango sold 16,157 units in 2001 in the United States, online sales excluded. (Keep in mind that GF was released in 1998.) In June 2002, year-to-date sales were 8,032. The most recent sales data is from March 2003, year-to-date sales being 1,584.

I haven't found any information about sales in Europe, though. Anyone seen those figures?
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