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While I actually agree with AFGNCAAP that the problem is not overly prevalent at the moment, I will take a moment to clarify the issue to prevent further strawman arguments and the inevitable hostility which has already begun.

The problem (when it occurs) is not expressing negativity but escalating negativity. Those that do the latter always try to hide behind an argument of the former, but they are NOT the same things.

It is absolutely valid to express dissatisfaction with a game, a demo, a series, or even the state of the genre in its proper place. Many MANY people do this, and realize that AG is indeed a very open, loosely moderated forum that welcomes differing perspectives.

What is NOT appropriate is using any and all given platforms (threads) to expound one's own agenda of negativity that goes beyond the topic being discussed. It's not about stating your opinions. If you actually HAD an informed opinion about the subject at hand, you'd probably give it and leave it at that. No, it's about hijacking threads to cram personal agendas down people's throats.

What is even LESS acceptable is becoming condescending towards your fellow forumites who don't fully agree with that personal agenda, or those who dare to point out that you've derailed the original topic just to do it.

Again, I'll reiterate that I don't see this as being a huge problem at the moment. Far less, in fact, after some of the ugly, drawn-out affairs of a similar nature in the past. But we certainly do still have some people who do it occasionally, so let's at least be clear on the issue.
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