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So.. Today I went to the "Book in Sentrum" meeting and watched the interview with Jeff Smith and Lise Myhre. It was very interesting. Apparently Jeff had insisted on being interviewed together with Lise, because he's a big fan of her, and she has also just released a new book. Much of the interview was about the newly published collection of the frist three Bone books, inn colour, and translated to Norwegian.

He said that he in 1990 scetched the last comic in the story, the final scene, and he had worked towards that ever since. 12 years later, after almost nine books, he picked the first scetch out of the drawer and inked it, and put it into his last story. That's kinda cool!

He's apparently going to release all the bone books again, in colour, in America too. After the interview there was a booksigning, so I rushed over the street to Outland (comic book/board games/fantasy &sci fi store, usually called geek store) and bought the full collection of Bone stories (in black and white) in English, I'm not especially fond of norwegian translations, and make a point of buying the original language, if I understand it, and rushed back again to stand in line for a autograph. I also bought the new Nemi book, and got it signed by Lise.

Extract from Bone series

Pic from Nemi book
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