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Thank you for your post.

1. Have you ever heard and/or played a game called Shenmue before? If so, did it influence anything for Indigo Prophecy? And if you played it, what did you think of it?
Of course, I knew Suzuki's game and played it before writing Fahrenheit. I think we share many ideas, we faced the same issues and tried to solve them sometimes in similar ways.
I cannot say that I have been influenced by Shenmue, but rather that we thought along the same lines, especially regarding the action system.

2. I heard that there was an e-mail that promoted "Omikron: The Movie" and stated it topped world records in the box office and everything. Is this true and mostly intended to be an inside joke? (:lol
Inside joke... but who knows?..

3. Is Soks really your favorite character from Omikron? Cause he's mine.
He's mine too. Maybe with Syao and of course, the Mecaguards !

4. No disrespect intended, I noticed near the end of Indigo Prophecy, the plot seemed to have sort of gone downhill (particularly with Lucas waking up with a new appearence in the apartment to the immediate love interest with Carla and Lucas near the end). I still enjoyed the game but I was wondering if there was any particular reason why the story seemed to have lost consistancy near the end?
To be honest with you, it was written this way and nothing has been cut. I think we totally missed the idea that two months passed before this scene (check the dates when the scene starts). I thought it would be enough, but I was not. A short scene, even no interactive, showing that time has passed would have probably soften this feeling of a rushing ending.
Also, I must admit that the very end was the part I less focused on. I was so obsessed to make the first two-thirds of the game work as well as possible, that I missed that.
Hey, at each game, we learn...

5. Will David Bowie be a part of Omikron 2?
I will definitely ask him ;-)
I love this guy.

6. Do you plan to expand the Omikron universe like never before in the sequel? I'm sure you guys have different plans, but I would love the inclusion of lots of music like the hidden Bowie tracks, character/apartment customization, caring for virtual pets, and a lot of hidden minigames/secrets.
KARMA won't be a sequel to Nomad Soul. I cannot say more right now. We have a lot of ambition for this title.

7. I saw in a video interview hosted by this site that you were talking with Atari about the posibility of an Indigo Prophecy sequel and you said it might be possible for it to happen. Is that possibility still alive and if so, will we be expecting to see it on next-gen systems?
This is still in discussion, I cannot disclose any information about that now.

8. Will you and the guys at QuanticDream be exploring other videogame genres other than the MMORPG and Adventure ones?
Honestly, no. It takes a lot of time to get some real expertise in a genre, so it is often better to be focused. At the same time, my interest is into interactive storytelling in action/adventure/RPG types of games. I would be a very bad designed for sports games...

9. If you had to pick 5 movie directors that influenced you the most, who would they be?
Difficult one... In disorder : Ridley Scott, Night Shyamalan, David Lynch, David Fincher, Orson Wells, Stanley Kubrick, Alfred Hitchcock (wait, that's seven, not five...).

10. Also, which project was the most fun to work with?
Each project is a different nightmare... In my mind, Omikron was probably worse.
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