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Default Weird Things to Do in King's Quest 6 (Spoilers!)

While looking through my various files recently, I came across a list I made a while back of various weird and alternate things you can do in King's Quest 6 that I found while looking for death scenes. I thought I might share it with you folks, although some of you might well have tried all of them before...


1. The first conversation at the start of the game can be with the castle guard dogs, the pawn shop owner, or the bookshop owner, all different.

2. Getting the magic map before meeting the vizier results in an alternate cutscene between the vizier and genie. Talking to the castle guards after that will reveal that Alex is persona non grata at the castle, and he won't be able to get in.

3. Going through the entire game without talking to the guards results in the various confrontations between Alex and Saladin at the end changing to reflect the fact that neither knows who the other is.

4. It is possible to return the map to get Alex's ring back and then trade the pearl for the map instead. No points gained for it, though.

5. Trading the map back in for Alex's ring before getting the pearl and then going to try to send the ring to Cassima will find that Sing-Sing has mysteriously disappeared until Alex has the map again. (Somebody was testing for dead ends, it seems!)

6. Sending the ring, rose, and poem to Cassima without talking to Jollo will result in the usual items being received as long as the ring is sent first. But the narrator comments are different, and the cutscenes with Cassima aren't shown. (The bird just leaves and then comes back with the stuff.)

6. The three items can be sent to Cassima in several different orders, and different cutscenes will result, especially if the ring isn't sent first. This might cause her not to send all the items, however.

7. The hole-on-the-wall can be set on the catacombs wall with the tapestry, but it runs off before Alex can see anything.

8. After defeating the minotaur, entering the main door and going the long way back to the minotaur lair will result in a cute short sequence upon reaching the room with the trap floor.

9. After getting the "Drink Me" bottle and encountering the genie in the pawn shop, shoo him off with a mint or scare him off by showing him Beast's mirror. Swigging the bottle will then produce a different cutscene with Alex and the pawn shop owner. No points or vizier/genie cutscene, though.

10. Trying having Alex toss the Rotten Tomato into the swamp himself. (Yeesh, Alex throws like a girl...)

11. Trying various incorrect items on Death for his challenge is funny. The boring book and the flute are both my favorites. The former nets a quip along the lines of "I've heard of being 'bored to tears', but...", while the latter nets a quip that Alexander isn't exactly on the same talent level as Orpheus.

12. After going through the game without talking to Jollo, and taking the "long path" (going through the Land of the Dead), enter his room up to twice and get some fun scenes where he tosses Alex in the dungeon.

13. Trying different objects on the guards in the hallway in the "short path" (wearing Beauty's clothes) is amusing... my favorite is the spellbook.

14. If Alex doesn't send Cassima the ring, his conversations with her in the castle are slightly different.

15. During the "short path", trying various incorrect items and actions on Cassima, the vizier, and Saladin at the part where Alex needs to reveal Cassima's true identity will result in lots of interesting messages.

16. Stopping the wedding without having spoken to Cassima will result in slightly different messages, at least during the "short path". It's not possible to win that way, however.


I also remember finding several sound files in the resource.aud with Game Audio Player that don't show up in the game... I need to dig those up again someday.

If you're ever feeling really brave, try scanning the resource.sfx file, and you'll find some... interesting... alternate voice files for the game intro. (I'm betting they were used for testing or something.)

Peace & Luv, Liz

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