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Default Time's Up!! (For New Questions, at least)

The title says it all. We've come to the end of our timeframe, so let's not add any new topics from here on out. Poor WaŽl's been working overtime to answer all the questions we had for him as it is.

As always, any commentary on the topics already posted are certainly encouraged.

Our special thanks once again to both Sergey and WaŽl for their time and insightful answers.

All the best to Frogwares!
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The Threadô will die.
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Indeed - many thanks, and I hope that the game is successful!
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you are very welcome!
it was a great pleasure to talk to all of you!

Don't forget to get the game and I want to encourage everyone to share your thoughts and impressions with us,
we welcome your feedback very much.

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((((( SERge )))))

That's a hug for you, man!

8-) Trep
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