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Default Portal 2 Review (Youtube)

Hi guys...

A New Review!! I really should find a new name for my videos.. as a game review is pretty low down the list of things I would call my videos.. heh... Any suggestions?

Anyway.. this one is all about Portal 1 and 2. I hope you like it. As I am not limited to 10 mins a review anymore I noticed I am getting longer and longer .. this one is about 15mins.. I might have to do something to get this under control next time as my last review was also 15+ mins.

Anyway, I'll be taking a break for a bit but have a few other games in my list I want to look at that are all back on the original topic.. pure adventure games. So stay tuned for that.

One last thing!!

I have 2 copies of Portal 1 to give away!! So anyone that can email me a short 1 paragraph explanation of what their favorite adventure game character is and why! I'll select the 2 winners and send them a copy of Portal 1 to activate on steam, the 1st prize winner I will also do a video on their chosen game!!

Email - [email protected]

Happy Adventuring!!

Portal Review (YouTube) @ AdventureReviews
My Adventure Reviews
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I'd love to watch this one, but I'm afraid of spoilers for Portal 2 and I don't think I'll play it before Christmas.

As for a suggestion for your video reviews series, I think at this point is best if you would base it on your nick Adventurer4Life - would help with finding, identifying them as yours.
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