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Default Alter Ego

What rubbish...

I think it was going for a similar theme and style as Broken Mirror but it failed badly.

None of the characters were likeable, the voice acting lacked emotion, there was a distinct lack of puzzles, the storyline was weak and the ending was pointless.

If they took out all of the unnecessary travelling from one place to the next just for a slither of information that they could have told you the last time you were there, it wouldn't take more than an hour or two.
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Cool, I was undecided on this game. I don't think I'll get it after all.
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I'm playing through it at the moment, haven't finished it yet though. it's certainly not a classic, but it's somewhat enjoyable so far, although I bought it in a half price sale, had I paid full price I'd have felt somewhat ripped off
it is in many ways too easy, there's a few instances where it looked like some kind of puzzle was coming up but the character just solves it without any player input (given that one of these would have been a jigsaw/slider type puzzle there's likely to be split opinions on whether this was good or bad) and the fact that objects lose their 'hotspot' status if they're useless makes it very simple to figure out whether or not there's anything left to do in a location. again, this can be seen as good or bad. it's never fun to backtrack through fifty different rooms and try every action and inventory item on every hotspot to figure out what you've missed, but there are better ways to avoid that problem

the story though is interesting, so far at least, although a little cliché and sometimes too obvious, but interesting nonetheless

my advice would be to give it a try if you can find it cheap and don't go into it expecting a Gabriel Knight or Broken Sword
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