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Default Conquest of Longbow - The Legend of Robin Hood (YouTube)

Hey all...

I'm back with a new review and this time I am doing one of my all time favorites form the Sierra game library. Conquest of Longbow - The Legend of Robin Hood. This game is a true classic in every sense of the word. One of the last tittles form sierra before the switching to the more complex style of having audio speech This game is one of the last, and some would say the pinnacle of the dying breed of adventure games that had more incommon with books than films.

If you are interested in trying this amazing game it is one of the few titles that is legal abandonware. The game designer herself provides it (and its predecessor Conquest of Camelot) for free on her website. There is also a really neat installer for those of you that are not very technically savvy and have troubles with DosBox... Simply download the game from Cirsty Marx's site and then unzip it into a directory, then download the installer from and place it in the same dir and run the exe.

So there is no reason not to try this classic game and experience one of the greatest love stories in adventure game history, though simply fantastic writing.

Have Fun and Happy Adventuring

Conquest of Longbow - The Legend of Robin Hood (YouTube)
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Brilliant review, it's made me want to play this game. Great job!
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Sweet, sweet nostalgy! Thanks for taking me back. Loved the review! (very soothing)
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The best 7 and a half minutes I have spent in a very, very, long time. Not to mention that the accent used in the review has finally cured me from "Kevin Kostner Syndrome" disease I suffer from 1991. Thank you. (And NO, I am not from Britain but from Serbia, so I consider myself unbiased).

As for the game itself, I can not say that I enjoyed it a lot, for I played it (a long time ago) on an Amiga. For some unknown reason (the lack of programming skills springs to mind) Sierra games (unless being programmed by the Dynamix crew) were almost completely unplayable on Amiga computers, unlike Lucas Arts adventures... Too bad, I must say. Anyway, due to this EXCELLENT review, I'll give it a go again, one of these days, on a PC.
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Great review, I saw you first on gametrailers and I really liked your reviews so I`m happy that you are also known on adventuregamers, keep making reviews because you are good at it !
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