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Conversation Between Atlantis and rudowski
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  1. rudowski
    12-16-2009 08:42 AM

    I've read your message:
    "Rudowski- I would be willing to help with any of the female characters, I've never really tried a child before.. but I expect I could..."
    If you are still interested there is more information and audition lines on this forum:

    Marek Rudowski
  2. rudowski
    10-03-2009 03:10 AM

    I'm working on a oldschool adventure game entitled "The Trader of Stories" (some information about the game and a olayable demo is avalible on my webblog:
    I would very much like to have some voice acting in the game but I cannot do it alone. I cannot suport You with nothing more then my gratitude, a place in the credits and final game when it's ready. If it's OK with you - write me a massage. For the time being I need voices of:
    - Myosotis (the main character, lots of speaking) - female, age about 35;
    - Neesan - female, age about 45;
    - Coni - female, age about 12;
    - Wiseman, male, age about... well it should sound old.
    The design of each character can be found on my webblog.

    Marek Rudowski

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