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Default Before you post in this forum... READ THIS!

Feel free to post any kind of hint or help request here. We have a staff of thousands that waits around to answer the simplest question. Or a staff of one with thousands of personalities... haven't quite figured that out yet.

Before you post, please do a search to see if there has already been another post about the same problem. (For best results, limit your search to the "Hint Requests and Technical Problems forum.) You may get an answer more quickly this way.

If you find a thread that describes the same problem you're having, feel free to post to that thread (it will get bumped to the top of the forum) as long as you have new and pertinent information to share. Keep in mind that since factors like operating systems and the availability of patches change over the years, bumping an old thread might not be the best course of action for a new problem. Use your best judgment. You may find links to other useful threads in our compendium of useful threads.

When you post, please try to follow these guidelines:

-In the title of your post, put the name of the game, and the general area you're having trouble with. For example: "Silver Earring - need help with Quiz 3" or "GK2 won't install on XP."

-Please try not to put spoilers in your title. If you do, the title may be edited by a moderator.

If your post is a hint request:

-Tell us what you've done before getting stuck, and what you've tried already to get "unstuck"

-Please use spoiler tags if you're giving away crucial information (which most hint requests do!) To make a spoiler, type [spoiler]spoiler goes here[/spoiler]. You don't necessarily have to put your entire post in spoiler tags. Please use your judgement. (Be aware that a mod may go in and add spoiler tags to your posts.)

To read spoilers, just put your mouse over the white box and highlight the text that's hidden there.

If your post is a tech request:

-Give your computer specs (i.e. operating system, graphics card, sound card, version of DirectX, and anything else you think may be relevant).

-Tell us what you have done so far before reaching the problem ("I double-clicked setup.exe and my computer hung" or "I was able to install but when I tried to run the game from the desktop shortcut, the screen went black.")

-If you have gotten any error messages, write down the exact wording and include it in your post. (A screenshot is even better! You can attach small graphics to your post, no need to host them elsewhere.)

-There is no need to post spoiler tags in a tech request.

Thank you!

ps One more thing - please don't ask for tech help with pirated copies of a game. Many games don't work properly when pirated, and people who post here trying to get technical help for those games (often without admitting that they're using a copy) are not only bilking the developers of well-deserved money, but also wasting our time.

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