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7s26 12-21-2011 03:36 AM

[Still Life 2] Problem with James Hawker's Information
Hi everybody
Can you help me solve this problem ?

I have a prolem with James Hawker's information . I cant ask Claire Ashby and I dont understand why she is busy and doesnt answer call .

If i dont have James Hawker's Info , James Hawker never help me to find password of the killer .

However when i use France version , Claire Ashby answer me . So sad , i dont understand France . So i dont want to continue with France version .

And this is savegame one for EN , one for FR

If anyone have sparetime , you can play this scene ( English version ) , and help me to fix this problem .I am very grateful to you !!!

Thank you for your attention !!!

7s26 12-21-2011 08:07 PM

Two days with a crazy brain . I have solved this problem ( English version ) . Actually , EN version has some different step with FR version .

I'm so sad , i must use function " New game" to restart all mission .And then also meet again this sad problem . Finally , i have found method to solve this problem . I checked from Vic's phone , add tab document , and click on James Hawker document , and read all .

When i finish this step , i can use phone to call Mrs Claire Ashby . All problems have been solved .

And now , i feel better , happy and love life .

PS : I wonder why some steps in English version and France version is diffrent . In France version i dont need check on Vic's phone .

Thank for your watching .

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