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Oscar 12-16-2011 03:10 AM

Yoomurjak's Ring
I'm stuck at the start of the 3rd day, and I don't want to look at a walkthrough because I fear I may have overlooked something really simple.

There really isn't any clue on what to do, so I'm just wandering around hoping something will happen, but it hasn't. Am I supposed to be looking for Csonka street? Because that's the only lead I have, and it sounded like I agreed that I would leave that with Juli.

Pilaus 12-16-2011 12:35 PM

Did you call back Juli? Did you hear well what she said...?;)

Oscar 12-19-2011 05:02 AM

Yes, I called Juli. It's okay, I managed to advance by looking at the picture on the wall. Although how I was meant to know that, I have no idea.

Now I'm stuck at the tower. There doesn't seem to be anything to see from the top.

Pilaus 12-19-2011 02:24 PM

The picture is being fixed on the wall while Jonathan is speaking on the phone. He says something about new decoration, this is the clue.

The tower puzzle: you need to do some shopping. Also, you might read the description at the foot of the Minaret.

Oscar 12-19-2011 10:30 PM

This is so frustrating! I've got the binoculars but I can't use them on anything. So the tower is 14-sided which means it's 7 from the entrance to face west, but there's still nothing to do there. I'm literally just walking around looking for hotspots.

Pilaus 12-20-2011 02:43 AM

Yes, the 7D means a directon. You are looking for a very old message and this could be left in a very old object or building. So you need to know which buildings were standing in those old times. There is a map somewhere showing such old buildings - you have already seen it ;)

Did you also buy a little wooden minaret from the souvenir merchant? Use that on the old map to get a kind of mockup of the area. (The binoculars will also be needed but only later).

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