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Arwen4CJ 06-30-2011 11:12 AM

King's Quest Questions on Mac, XP, IIGS emulator
I have some questions -- (questions will be later on -- questions are in bold -- I'm just giving background information here so you have an idea of what's going on. I also have multiple questions -- some having to do with KQ 7, some having to do with playing it on a Mac, and some have to do with an Apple IIGS emulator).

(I'm going to have to break this up into several different posts because this post is too long, and it won't let me post it. Sorry about the double posting, but it's the only way to get this all in here.)

it's this thread that got me here. I used to play King's Quest 1-4 on an Apple IIGS. They didn't make any more games for the GS, so I couldn't play any KQ games after 4.

Then, when I was in high school, my family bought a computer with Windows 95. After we bought it, we happened to be in a computer game store and saw the King's Quest Collection for Windows. We bought that. It was three discs with all of the KQ games on it, plus other games. Everything worked fine on that computer. My family got a new computer a couple years later -- one that had Windows ME. As far as I remember, the KQ collection that we had worked fine on that.

I then bought a computer with XP on a couple years later. I tried playing the games on there, and although the games installed fine, KQ 1-3 (I don't think I checked the others) gave me garbled text, so I couldn't read any of the messages on the screen. (I don't remember if the remake of KQ 1 worked). I stopped playing the games because I couldn't play them on XP.

Then, this spring I got a new computer, but it was a MacBook. This was the first Apple computer I'd had since my family had gotten the Apple IIGS. I installed Windows XP on my Mac under VMWare Fusion. When I installed the King's Quest Collection on that, there was no garbled text, so the first games worked fine. I didn't try them all on the XP on the Mac because I came across another KQ collection that was supposed to work on XP. I thought that would be better, and I could play them on my old HP computers that had XP on them, and I could also install that version onto the Mac, assuming that it would be a better version. I saw that it ran all of the games from the hard drive instead of needing to use CD's.

After I had finished playing KQ 1, I was curious as to why my score was 159 when the highest score possible was 158 (I think that was the number -- I'm just going off of memory. My score was one higher than the listed possible score in the game.) So I googled it...and ended up coming across you tube videos that featured music and sounds only available on the Apple IIGS versions of the games. I watched the videos. It had been over 10 years since I did anything with the Apple IIGS, and played the King's Quest games on that computer. However, seeing the video reminded me of the IIGS, and I did remember the sounds and music on it. After hearing that, it made me want to find an Apple IIGS emulator to install on my computer, and play the games that way. The sound and music were no comparison to what I'd just been playing in the KQ collections for Windows. Bells actually sounded like bells. Birds chirping sounded like birds chirping. The bad guy music was much better. I could also hear things like doors closing. This was all in the emulated GS on youtube.

This led me to a search on youtube for Apple IIGS emulators. I don't think the Apple II emulator that came with the first KQ collection I had would have played the GS versions, but I might be wrong. What I wanted to do was to find an emulator that I could play from the Mac OS instead of having to play it in XP. I found a couple -- one was Sweet16 and another one was Kegs. There was also a Virtual Apple II site that had games I could play through the Firefox browser. If I wanted to play the games outside of the browser, in an actual emulator, I had to find the disk images. After doing some searching, I found a way to connect the Apple IIGS to my MacBook. I used ADTPro with a serial cable. I wanted to get the disk images off of the actual, real original Apple IIGS disks. I was able to get this all working. The only problem was that disk 1 of King's Quest 2 wouldn't play on the emulator because of some sort of copy protection issue. It told me it needed the original disk. However, I copied it off of the original disk, so I don't understand what the problem was. (This was in Kegs).

I looked for disk images that I could use online, and I found a few. The Sweet16 emulator had a problem when it tried to run that disk, and only that disk. It caused the emulated AppleIIGS to freeze after it was mounted. None of the other disks did this. The same thing happened when it tried to run my own version of disk 1.

However, playing it in Kegs cleared up the problem. It played on Kegs fine -- but when I loaded it on Kegs, it said that the size was 0 instead of the expected whatever it was. But that didn't impact the ability of it to play the game. I didn't play the emulated Apple IIGS versions all the way through..I just checked to see that they worked.

I couldn't get my Apple II version of KQ I to run at all in the emulator, presumably because of a copy protection on the disk. The version of KQ 1 that I had on the Apple IIGS was actually not the GS version of the game. Rather, it was the IIe version of the game, coming on 5.25 floppies. I don't know if I can find a disk image of that one online.

Does anyone know how to get passed the copy protection on these games? The disk images all copied over to my computer fine...they just won't play in the emulators. I found a GS copy of a disk image of KQ 1, but not the version of the game that I had. I'm glad I found the GS version of it, though.

Arwen4CJ 06-30-2011 11:14 AM

Anyway, I played through KQ 1-5 or 6 in XP on Windows on the Mac. (I had already played through KQ 4 by the time I got all the GS emulator stuff all working). Halfway through 5 or 6, I happened to discover that I could play the games on Mac directly instead of playing them on Windows because there is a DOSBox version available on Macs. (More on that later because I have a question regarding that.) So then I got to KQ 7. I had switched over to playing the XP version of the game after the order arrived --which was before I played KQ 2.

Everything went fine -- except that I couldn't save on KQ 5. I created a folder on my computer to save to, though, and I just changed directories, and it was fine.

Then, I came into another problem on KQ7. (Now, mind you, I was playing the XP collection, the one that I assumed was better and would work on XP with no problem, and I was playing an original copy). Everything went just fine until I got into chapter 5. When I went to have the character pick up the fire cracker, boom -- she exploded, ending the game. When I tried it again, instead of taking me back to a safe point before she died, she died immediately. And I kept repeating that a couple times. Finally, I decided that I had messed up, so I tried ending the game there. When I clicked on exit, it saved the game at that spot :( When I tried playing that game, I died right away. There was nothing I could do.

Frustrated, and assuming that the mistake was my fault, I decided to try to play the other version of the game -- the one from the first collection that I had...because I thought I remembered that that version had bookmarks. I couldn't remember what the bookmarks were like, but the XP collection didn't have the bookmark feature. If I wanted to save the game, I would have to have it "quit" and then it would save the game where I was. This happened, despite the documentation still saying that F5 would make it save. (On a Mac I have to hold down the fn key when I press F5, but it's still supposed to work.)

So...I started all over again....I played all the way to the exact same point in the game -- to the fire cracker. I liked having the bookmark feature, even though playing it off the CD was a little slower. Pressing Fn + F5 worked to save the game anytime that I wanted to without quitting. I actually had choices about what I wanted to do.

It didn't take long for me to realize that the manual that is included with the XP collection in the PDF is the exact same as the printed manual that came with the first collection...the only difference was that some of the things were deleted -- however, they forgot to delete the part about bookmarking in the PDF, since they had removed that feature.

Anyway, so the fire cracker thing happened...and the same soon as she touched it, she exploded. When I "tried again" she would explode immediately. There was nothing I could do. Sigh.... so I knew that either I wasn't doing something right, or there was some sort of bug in the game. So I googled it...and I came across this forum.

I downloaded the patches that were in the help thread about this topic. I haven't tried playing the game a third time yet, though. I downloaded both patches to both collections...thought I might as well.

I have not tried to play KQ 7 again -- because I wanted to check to make sure that there were no more bugs in the game. From what I understand, the DOSBox updates should make it possible to play the game without any problem. However, since I've had to restart it twice, I wanted to ask this question:

With the installed patches that I found in another thread in this forum, should I encounter any more problems with KQ7?

Arwen4CJ 06-30-2011 11:15 AM

Now, getting back to DosBox on Mac -- okay, so I came across a forum in which someone stated that it's possible to play the KQ game collections on Mac, since Macs also can use DosBox. So I tried that. I downloaded the Mac version of DosBox and installed it. The only problem is that I was confused by the prompts. By searching on a couple forums I finally figured out how to mount the games. However, when I tried to make them run, I received an error message telling me that I didn't have some kind of file. I had copied my files from the XP version of 1-6, plus the original version of 1 from the first collection. I copied the folders directly from XP on this same computer. (Remember that I have XP on VMWare Fusion). I double checked the folder contents for each of the games, comparing the contents in My Computer on XP with the folder that I copied them to in Finder, and it looked like all the files were there. I don't know what the problem was.

(I will come back to a question regarding this in a bit).

So I couldn't get the games to work in DosBox on Mac. Fine. So I did some more googling. Someone else on yet another forum had a different way of getting the games to play in Mac. Instead of using DosBox, they suggested using something called Boxer. I installed that. I couldn't get the games to run right away, but I did some playing around with it. I copied each game folder to Boxer. Then I typed in the word "reveal" and Finder opened, showing the game folder. I found the Sierra.exe and right clicked that. Then I told it to run it in Boxer, and it worked just fine. Because I copied the files right off of Windows, it even copied my saved games so that I could pick up half way through either KQ 5 or 6...whatever game I was on when I started using Boxer.

Then it came time to play KQ 7. I knew that that the XP collection didn't have DOS for 7, so I switched back over to playing it on XP. However, I had just started the game when I remembered that the hard copy of the manual (the one that came with the older KQ collection) stated that KQ 7 could play in DOS. So I then tried copying my KQ 7 folder from the first collection over to Mac, like I did with all the others.

However, it wouldn't play in Boxer because it said that I was missing some file named 999pal or something like that, and it advised me to have the CD in. So I put the CD in and tried it again. The same thing happened. I had no idea what to do, so I gave up and went back to playing it on XP. That's when I eventually encountered the fire cracker problem. is my next question -- so I downloaded the patches, and it looks like the games play fine in XP. (I didn't start playing again -- I just checked to make sure that I could play the games.) -- and those patches included DosBox for Windows. (Yes, this meant that I had to install the Windows version of DosBox on XP.)

Is there any way to get the games to play on the Mac version of DosBox?

Is there any way to get KQ7 to play on Boxer? The KQ7 version that is patched up -- in either collection?

I don't mind having to play on XP, but it would be better if I could get them to play on Mac.

Oh, and I should mention that the sound doesn't work on review:
Operating System - Mac OSX Snow Leopard
under this operating system, I have VMWare Fusion running Windows XP

also, I have two Apple IIGS emulators that run off of the Mac OS -- they are Sweet16 2.2.1 and Kegs 0.91 for the Apple IIGS versions of KQ 1-4. My question had to do with the disk images of Apple IIGS files, specifically for those of KQ 1 and KQ 2.

I also have a real Apple IIGS with all of the original disks for the King's Quest games 1-4.

For XP, I have DosBox 0.74win32 -- I now also have the patches for my copies of KQ collections.

For Mac, I have DosBox 0.74 -- I do not have the patches installed on Mac because I didn't know what I needed to do...or if I could get them to run on Mac. Do I just copy the new folders to Mac? Or do I need to do something else? Or is it even possible to play them.

NVIDIA GeForce 320M graphics processor.

2.4 GHz Intel Core Duo Processor

Still current with what my computer has

Arwen4CJ 06-30-2011 12:07 PM

Update -- I just tried playing KQ7 on the first KQ collection with the patch -- DOS box won't play it. It get an error message that says that DOSBox has encountered a problem and needs to close :(

I played it in Windows, and this is with the patch that I downloaded :(

I'm going to check the other collection. I thought it worked last night...but then I was really tired and needed to go to bed.

I tried the older version of the collection that I have -- the one with the three disks. I only tried KQ7 so far.

SpeedBo 06-30-2011 12:39 PM

All versions of Kings Quest 1-6 should work fine in ScummVM

Arwen4CJ 06-30-2011 08:27 PM


Originally Posted by SpeedBo (Post 584293)
All versions of Kings Quest 1-6 should work fine in ScummVM

On their website it says that there is no sound for the Apple IIGS versions of 1-4, (which would defeat the purpose of me playing the GS versions) and I have no idea if the copy protection stuff would be fixed with that. There is a Mac version of ScummVM.

As far as the Dos versions of the game, would there be a way to get those to play on the Mac version of ScummVM?

I'd still have to use another emulator to play 7.

Arwen4CJ 07-01-2011 07:38 AM

To update, yes, KQ 7 from the second collection (the XP one), and I could get passed the fire cracker problem with the patches. I played through all of KQ 7 up to that point before going to bed last night.

For some reason, KQ 7 from the older collection makes DOSbox encounter an error and close. This isn't such a big deal since I got the other version working.

It seems that the XP version with the patch now has the bookmark option, which is nice.

The updates put another installation of both collections on my computer. It didn't get rid of the first installation of the older collection, which is good. Those all seemed to work fine before except for KQ 7.

The patch DID get rid of the original installation of the XP version, apparently...or at least I can't find the original installation of XP. That doesn't matter, though, since I have the original CDs that they came on, plus I have a copy on the Mac part of my computer in order to play those games in Boxer. (Except KQ 7).

So....then...does anyone know how I can get KQ 7 to play in either DosBox on Mac or Boxer? If not, then I'll just keep playing the game in Windows XP.

And does anyone know if a similar patch type thing that could incorporate DosBox for Mac and ScummVM for Mac? The patch thing that I downloaded wouldn't let me choose my Mac DosBox or my MacScummVM during the installation. But if all it is doing is using DosBox and ScummVM, shouldn't it be possible for a patch like that to be applied to Macs? I just don't know how to do it.

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