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Default Myst Generator question (Spoilers)

I am playing Myst for the first time and not using any Walkthroughs, as I don't like using them. Since I am unfamiliar with Myst's mechanics, I was just wondering something.

My initial play through, I had not discovered how to rotate the tower, so when reading the books, I mistook my current location with that of the one with the Lighthouse. It mentions that they needed to power up the generator to the lighthouse, so I decided to then mess around with the red buttons on the generator. After messing with them for a while (writing down each buttons value) I then suddenly realized with horror, that the dial on the right now no longer moved at all when starting the generators.

After a while I finally did find all of the clues (and the correct value for the generator). I tried everything I could think of to "re-set" the generator to no avail, and decided to give up and start over and follow all the clues in order before messing with anything. I am now able to enter the rocket ship finally. whew!

Anyways my question is this:

1. Was there a way to re-set the generator?

2. Or does Myst have game stopping/breaking mechanics like classic Sierra games where you can not ever complete your game, and must start over.

Could someone answer my question?

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The Myst games are designed such that there should never be any dead ends like those in the older Sierra adventures.

There are two reset levers for the generator if you sent too much power to it. If you follow the cables leading into the rocketship backwards, you should see two towers you can climb.

The way down to the first tower is just before the path to the rocketship. The second tower is near the entrance to the generator. All you have to do is climb both of the towers and flip whichever switch that is off back to "on" to restore power to the generator. Hope this helps.
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OK thank you Trunkyo! I am playing the real Myst version from GOG and I had walked up to that ladder dozens of times and finally realized you have to stand and look at a very precise position before the hand changes to a use hand.

That's what threw me off. bleh.

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