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grave wax
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Default Overclocked: An interface problem (whine)

So I got Overclocked and started playing it. I got to like day two...and was starting to get into a little bit. Well, I go to talk to the patient that I had made the voice recording of and I couldn't figure out how to proceed after that.
I looked up the walkthrough on the game and it explained how to use the PDA on a patient.
I tried it every way possible, but my mouse disappears when trying to use the PDA on the patient. Apparently you have to talk to the kid, pull open the PDA and the right recording file and play it for the kid by pressing play and then another one of the buttons on it, however when I pull it up on the patient there is no way to press the second button, the mouse disappears after the recording starts playing. I think you can only skip it by using ESC which ends the recording...like you would use to skip any repeated dialogue or action.
The mouse disappears like normal. I can play it for myself(my character), but the kid doesn't hear it...what makes me wonder though is that while I cannot see the mouse or tab around to highlight, scrolling around will highlight the inventory scroll button so it is as though the mouse is hidden on the screen. Clicking the highlighted inventory scroll does nothing, but clearly the game is recognizing the mouse scrolling. So I know the mouse is detected, but it is invisible and and it's clicking functions are disabled during a Voice playback.

Obviously I am thinking I need a patch for it, but there are no patches and after extensive searches, I can't even locate anybody who has this problem.

Any ideas on what the problem is? It seems like a bug but nobody else has it.(Drivers are up to date, and correct accelerator versions are installed. running game on Vista home premium, all sys pre-req.there, no compatibility issues with any other types of games.)
I'm hoping it is user error (noobishness) on my part. Embarrassing as that is ...if it is a bug, it's unique to my config. and the game is never going to work.

* only other thing unique about this game is that I don't believe I have ever played one by this publisher/developer. Honestly though I think I am just doing it wrong. I hope that is all.

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To advance in this game, you (i.e. David) have to play the correct recording to the right patient to gain insight and trigger new memories. The recordings/memories are sorted by date and cell number. You will know if you played the right recording if David says "Hmm...". When he does, click on the patient with the cursor and David will ask a new question to trigger another memory/flashback.
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grave wax
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ok...so I am supposed to get a new dialog to be able to play the PDA...and that never happened, so that is a good news...cause it means that I am probably mildly retarded. I know it was the right file, but I never got a dialog option for anything but hypnotize which does nothing. According to the walkthrough I am supposed to play the PDA, but it says nothing about triggering any dialog. Hope it works. Will report back. (sometimes the most simple things confound me.) Thanks!!
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I had trouble with that bit of gameplay as well. Let me try to summarize how it works with an example:

1.You talk to one patient.
2.He has a flashback where he meets one of the other patients.
3.You visit that second patient.
4.You use your PDA (don't take it out of the inventory and click it on the patient, just use it in the same way as when you'd phone someone) and play back the recording of what the first patient said while in the room. The patient will automatically hear it.
5.David says "Hmm ..." (indication that you've picked the right recording)
6.You talk to the second patient, who will now remember something.

(And then you repeat this like 75 times or so )

Sometimes it can get confusing which recording will trigger which patient's memory, but most of the time it's pretty logical.
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