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Default Atlantis The lost tales

First i'm new to this forum, and wanted to say hello!
Looks like a great community to be a part of!

I'm trying to get atlantis tlt to run on my vista pc.
if managed to install, but when i try to start the game, the graphics are all glitched. I know there is a patch the problem, but it doenst work with my nvidia geforce 7300. I've also tried all compatibility modes without succes.
I've also tried on a virtual pc running windows 98. and there atlantis works great! only the mouse doesnt the mouse moves to all sides when it barely touch it, strange because in the menus of atlantis it works normaly.
Can somebody help with this problem please?
I love this game and would realy like to play it again!
Thanks in advance,

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Just wantd to say that i got Atlantis to work on my vista pc.
I used virtual pc with W98 from here:
The mouse didnt work because of the virtual pc additions.
so in virtual pc just create a new virtual machine using the sam virtual hardisc. and it works!
no patches or anythyng else needed.
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