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Default Memento Mori Mouse wants to float????

I just bought the game " Memento Mori" and it downloaded fine but whenever I start to play the game my mouse floats all over the place, I can't seem to get control of it. Does anyone know how I might be able to solve the problem?? I did go into game settings and set the mouse sensor but still it was no help. I'm playing on a HP Pavilion dv9000, 1.00GB, 32bit labtop, windows vista. Thanks!
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Poor little thread, sitting here all lonely with no one to open it or know how to help. No one to pop in and at least say hello, I feel so sorry for the poor little thread and wish I would have never started it. Life is tough and the ecomony is bad, 30.00 on a game that no one can play is heartbreaking but who know's one day I may actually be able to get it back off of the shelf and try it all over again whenever I stumble onto the solution to the problem.
Until then farewell Memento Mori, and farewell adventure forums thanks for have us.
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Default MM mouse

Check your drivers are up to date - mouse, graphics etc.
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Sometimes laser mouses are extremely sensitive to floating. I don't know why it would get worse when playing a game, maybe the change in resolution or something, making small floats you usually get larger.

Anyways, you could try a different mouse (maybe preferable one with a ball) and see whether it is actually a mouse problem or a software problem?
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