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Default Need General Technical Advice? Come on in...

There are many common technical issues in getting games to run, so if you have a question, have a look at these earlier threads, as it's possible your particular question has already been answered.

Older Games on Newer OS

If you're trying to get old games to run on Windows 2000/XP, you can consult this thread:

If you are looking to know what games run smoothly under Windows Vista, along with some general advice on how to install and play them under the new OS, you can check out this thread:

Games on Mac OS X

If you are looking to know what games run under Mac OS X, you can refer to this thread, which also covers a list of the emulators which work under Apple's newer OS:

Emulators and Installers

There are some older games that are particularly tricky to install and play under a new OS. In this case, we can turn to emulators like DOSBox, VDMSound or ScummVM. If you are a Sierra fan, there may already be a useful installer for your game, listed here:

There are also some games that won't run with any of the aformentioned emulators, so the only chance to enjoy them nowadays is Microsoft Virtual PC, a powerful but difficult emulator, for whose installation and setup you can find a guide here:

If none of these threads suits your needs, feel free to start your own thread and ask!
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