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Default Huge amount of bugs/problems w/ So Blonde

Anyone else having huge problems with So Blonde, it's barely functioning for me.

I cant use the regular save I can only quick save, if I use the regular save it bugs to a chat screen wherever you are, and when you press leave crashes to error.

If it sits more than ten minutes (Im an on call employee sometimes this happens to me) it crashes to error as soon as she moves.

quick save will also bugs if I shut So Blonde all the way down rather than go to main menu and crashes to desk top so this is about the fifth time Ive had to restart since I can only play as much as I can in one sitting since saving and or closing is a very precarious situations.

Any thoughts? Im all driver up to date as well.
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I see this was moved, I forget to mention this was the Adventure Shop download version of the game, hence placing it in their forum
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The Adventure Shop forum is primarily for queries regarding the shop itself. Since this seems to be a technical problem with the game (rather than the download process for example) then this is the right place for it.

Did you have any problems with the download that could have led to a corrupted file? (and hence the problems you're experiencing) If so, then you need to contact shop tech support (though you should still have available downloads to try again if you want)

In the meantime a few machine specs could be useful in diagnosing the problem.
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The only problem I have with my DVD copy of So Blonde is heavy loading time between each location.
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This is a very common problem, Jelena... It's the way the game is built, sadly...
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I agree, this is pretty common. I guess this is really how it is.
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