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Default Darkness Within

Help, I'm completely stuck. I can only underline the eye symbol location on the list in Noath's office. The other 3 Wellsmouth locations won't register at all. I've marked the eye symbol location on the map, but can't mark others as the dialogue says 'I don't know what to look for'

Have I missed something out?
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I had the exact same problem, but I had made the mistake of leaving Loath's office before I realized I needed the other three locations as well. I figured it was some sort of bug that prevented me from underlining them when I returned to the office afterwards... so I tested reloading an older game and underlining all four symbols after each other, without leaving the office in between. And then it worked fine.

I'm not sure if you've made the same mistake as me, but reloading an older game was the only solution I found to the problem.
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Yes I had the same problem, ...drove me nuts until some kind person on the forums told me what to do......its a bug in the game. You must have all 4 locations or you can't go any further in the game.
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I believe one (or both) of the patches solves the map issue. They're both on Zoetrope's download page.

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