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Default a problem with dreamfall

i install df2 today
all the install was russian
but i got the game intalled
the game is english but all the text is russian
i mean i don't even know what i'm pressing most of the time
how can o fix this ?
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Um. Silly question, but where did you get it? That doesn't sound like an English version to me. (And i doubt you mean Dreamfall 2. Dreamfall exists, but not Dreamfall 2)
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oh....for some reason i was thinking
that the first game was called dreamfall my bad

well the game itself is english well at least the part that the characters
are talking only the text part is russian
and i got the game from block buster i called them
and they say they don't know what the problem is
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I think the problem is as Dale said; you've got a russian version of the game. You can't "fix" this as far as I know; you'll need to get an english version to play with english subtitles. I don't recall any options to change this. it's a bit strange that Blockbuster are selling/renting out russian games, unless you're in russia?
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If you got the game illegally (there are lots of piracy from Russia, also from my beloved home country), just go ahead and buy it. I got the limited edition, which includes TLJ (the first part) and a soundtrack CD for about 20 euros, from game.co.uk. The single game is also likely to be quite economic right now.
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