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Default Help me out in Capri

Hey,did anybody ever play a quiet weekend in Capri, which reallly intrigue me with its beautiful sightseeing, so far I`ve drown myself working on it.

My question is :
Someone remember that woman in church who wants to exchange that time machine from me with her 100,000 paycheck?I did the trade because she just show up again and again making me annoyed,my bad. I didn`t realized such a foolish mistake I made until I look up the walkthrough finding out I should have got the letter without talking to her or well disguise my time machine in case of being robbed by that woman.
Now how to retrieve my time machine? Don`t tell me it`s a dead end and all I can do is going back to the beginning even through how close I near the end of the game

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I've never heard of the game but I did find a walkthru

I don't know if you need/want a walkthru but maybe you can find the answer here:
The box said 'Requires Windows 95 or better'. So I installed LINUX.
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