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Default Runaway 2 on Vista !

Hi all,

No, No, Nooooo Runaway 2 won't start on my brandnew Vista system

I suspected so much so I have my trusty XP still on a second partition but this really is crap... I supose it has all to do with DirecX9/10 issues.

Seems the DirectX9L is not available yet... I have read rumors about Pendulo developping a Vista patch but I can't find any more info on that.

Does anyone else has experience with Vista and games ? Could you make Runaway 2 work on Vista ?

Oh bummer...
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I ve been trying windows vista ultimate dude.And you aint alone in your problems.Ive not tried Runaway 2 but i get 2 fps on pc Title Scratches.Plays totally unplayable and ive had a few other problems with other titles as well.Although a lot of adventure games seem to run perfectly Syberia 1 & 2,Still Life, and loads of others.Dunno what im gunna do about Scratches though thats me best adventure game and its totally unplayable.Luckily like you i set up a Winxp Partition so i can still play my games.Seems to be this Direct X 10 i think cause they work fine in xp and i do have other games like Pro Evolution Soccer 5 and 6 which require higher spec than scratches and work fine
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I'm able to play Scratches in a fair way on Vista Ultima using the beta drivers for my 1950XTX the frame rate however is indeed very low

Vista is clearly not yet an OS for the gamer... guess we have to wait for DX9L.


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Vista is a nightmare, the games i have tried on it take ages to load, sometimes a 40 minute wait is necessary to load a level or area in Doom 3. If you are a gamer leave Vista alone for the time being is my advice.
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did you get Sam'n'Max to work on Vista?
i cant start Ep2 or 3 (havent tried Ep1 yet, but it wont be different)
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Originally Posted by Mayboy View Post
sometimes a 40 minute wait is necessary to load a level or area in Doom 3.
Son of Jude Law on a bicycle, it's Soldier of Fortune for the Dreamcast all over again.

I was gonna get Vista but now I think I'll wait now.
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