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I hope that Jolaes was just kidding all along...haters give me bad digestion

On a more OT note: I'm stuck!
I'm in Chapter 1, in the office...Therese seems to have NO intention of talking to me, nor to follow me into the network room.
I think I tryed everything, talked to everyone... please help!
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This is one of my favourite games, but it's been a while since I've played, so I'm a bit hazy on details. Bear with me...

Did you check your letterbox at home before you left for work? If not, go home and get your mail. It's important. Also pick up what's on your coffee table, if you haven't. And open up your wallet and take out its contents.

When in the office, talk to everybody. Show everybody everything you've got on you. (Take the object and click with it on the person.) Some objects won't have effects with some people, but try them all on everyone.

Also be sure to read all your e-mails. Check your e-mail often.

I don't recall ever getting anyone to follow me into the network room. That's not what the room's for. You'll be in and out of there a lot, though.

IMPORTANT: Make a note (on paper) of the telephone number list on your desk. You won't have access to it when you need it most.
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