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Default casual games online

The all-mighty and powerful hardcore gaming is a myth. We, casual gamers, are tired to be looked upon like second hand citizens in the world of video gaming.
Actually casual gamers like us made gaming in general a cool legitimate past time.
Without us hardcore gamers would still be nerds hiding in the shows. Don't you agree?
If casual games are your guilty pleasure, CasualChallenge is really worth your time. I really like this site because it's fresh, user-friendly, full of goodies for everybody.
I never get bored here. Even if I don't feel like playing, I still log in just to chat with my friends.
If I'm in a shopping mood I redeem my bonuses for great items from their virtual store.
Now that's a sweet deal! Most of the time I play my favorite games and I let people challenge my score, because there's no way they can beat me! Can you?
Fellow casual gamers, let's unite! Let's prove those hardcore gamers we're much better than they are.
I would love to meet you all on
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Originally Posted by pinkcasual350 View Post
Let's prove those hardcore gamers we're much better than they are.
So if you take it that seriously, does that mean youre not casual anymore? So now you have to beat yourself?
You must now self-destruct in 5...4..3...
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