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Default Fantasy World Creations

Interested in text-based RPGs? How about creating them? Interested in a friendly community that can help you with almost anything? Interested in D&D? Then FWC is for you. FWC has several RPGs to play with other members, and join in on rich story telling and playing. Or, if you're interested, create your own RPG. Or, you don't have to do any of that. You can just have a good time with the members. Here's the forums and the website(which isn't updated fully so I recommend visiting the forums which has all the RPGs):
http://forum.fantasyworldcreat…../index.php (forums) (website)

We also have our very own blog! If you want to check that out too, then you can visit this link: http://thefantasyworldcreation…

Hope to see you soon!
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