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Originally Posted by teme View Post
AC is my favorite game series currently. I didn't like AC1 that much, but after reading great reviews of AC2 I decided to buy it - and it really blew me away! It fixed problems of AC1 and everything about it worked so fine (theme, story, time period, gameplay, characters, high production values etc).

Brotherhood & Revelations were okay, stories were forgettable and I didn't really like additions they made to gameplay - elements in AC2 were so well thought out, that the new stuff in ACB & ACR felt forced and ruined partly the overall experience. I also loved that the cities in AC2 were clearly different and each city had its own 'feeling', the different districts of big city in ACB & ACR didn't feel as diverse.

I'm really happy about AC3, the series really needs a big change and refreshment, and the location of AC3 is definitely very different than previous games had, so it all looks very promising.
So much blasphemy of ACR. ACB I understand because I thought that game was just a way to offer AC Multiplayer without pissing off the SP fans.

ACR did not rush the story, graphics, locals, ideas at all. Just certain gameplay aspects. ACR was definitely not a forgettable story. From beginning to end, it was a VERY memorable game, somewhat like Indiana Jones and the Last Crucade. Not to mention, it was the only time in the series I genuinely cried. I understood why they drew out Ezio. He was a character that coincided with Desmond's growth. Not to mention, Ezio was a great character which I didn't want to leave.
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