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Default Dishonored

Arkane Studios recently revealed that they are developing Dishonored - it sounds like a very interesting mash of Deus Ex, Thief and Arx Fatalis.

So basically it's what's usually labeled as an "immersive sim" - a first-person game, where a good chunk of the situations have multiple paths and solutions. Games where your choices have consequences, and where you often can deal with situations in other ways that just "killing things". Usually some of your actions also have influence on how the story develops.

Harvey Smith, who was the lead designer on Deus Ex, is co-creative director on the game.

The game takes place in sort of a retro-future, and you can use guns, swords, stealth, special abilities like stopping time, fast movement and possessing people and animals, as well as tools like traps.

Game Informer has an ongoing feature about the game at the moment:

They even made a simple "choose your own adventure" thingy to show how you can interact with the game. It's based on a demo they saw, and is actually simplified - the demo showed about 30 different solutions to the specific situation:

The game will be out in the second quarter of 2012 on PS3, Xbox 360 and PC.


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Although Deus Ex: Invisible War dishonoured Harvey Smith I think he has learned from his mistakes. I'm interested what will him and his studio make! Hopefully the game will be far from arcane.
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New (pre-rendered) trailer. Great world design IMO:
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This looks GOOOOOD.
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