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Default Epic Games unveil Unreal 3 technology

During the recent nVidia press event for the launch of their new NV40 GPU, Epic Games had a video presentation of their new Unreal 3 technology. While everything was in the early stages, I must say the engine looks amazing. Nice reflections and lighting.

No, this isn't Doom 3. I swear!
Click for larger pic | Click for larger pic

Anyway, here are some mirrors for a shakycam version of the video, if people are interested. It's 5:11 total in length and these servers might go down anytime, so don't blame me if they don't work.
I'm sure there will be a more 'official' version of the video soon.

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That's one Unreal video!

The technology is advancing way too fast...
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If only that type of detail could be put in an AG. *sigh*
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Very impressive. I can't say that I notice much of a difference between the latest engines, but there appear to be some pretty cool features there, and I look forward to seeing Unreal 3 ...
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WOW! That is very impressive. I wish graphics looked that nice on some of the other games that I have. 8-)
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