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Default The Silver Lining Composer Announces Debut Album

Hi Everyone,

I very proud to announce that my my debut album titled "Evening Light" is available for sale. If you've enjoyed what music that you've heard thus far from The Silver Lining Game (, I think you will enjoy more music from yours truly . The artwork for the album was also done by Michael Fortunato who is from Phoenix Studios as well and did a spectacular job I might add!!

The album consists of 10 tracks and is currently on CDBABY by going to and iTunes by going to

Here is description of the album:

Evening Light is about that special time when the sun begins to set and the color of the sky begins to change. The clouds begin to show colors of pink, red, and orange. It's about that experience that we all have in our own way and reflect upon. These tracks showcase that moment in time occurring in different places.

Album Artwork: Michael Fortunato
Mastering: Lucky 6 Music Mix Ltd
All mixing, recording,and composition: Austin Haynes

Wishing you all a great week !

Best Regards,

Austin Haynes
TSL Main Composer
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To hear one of the songs, check it out on Youtube here:
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I have always wanted to compose music, I have ton of unfinished songs. Maybe its time I learned music theory. Good stuff Austin.

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Old 03-03-2010, 01:40 AM   #4
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Hi Austin, I've just checked your site and myspace profile and I really like your music. You have the gift, that's for sure. Keep nurturing it. All the best!

I must say your story really inspired me. I'm a self-thought pianist, keyboardist and guitarist. I have none formal music education (I've finished law school, but I don't work in the field). I've started playing the piano at the age of 6 (i've just turned 30 recently). So far, I've mostly leaned toward profiling myself as a performer, improvisator and arranger and begun composing only a few years ago. This mostly due the fact that decent recording equipment finally become affordable. I'm also still looking for that "inner voice" when it comes to composing. Sometimes I have the feeling that it's almost impossible to came out with some absolutely fresh idea, especially for melodies, without stepping on something that has allready been recorded. Therefore I'm mostly sticking to atmosphere music for now: ambient, new age, jazz, neo-classical, but I'm still hoping that some Vangelis-like (recognizable but still unique) melody idea will strike me someday.
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Hi terhardp,

Thanks for sharing your story and I say keep at it. If you love music, that will show more than anything else and you'll only keep getting better the more you do it :-). Sometimes I think the less you listen to other artists the more your sound will come out but there is a time for that...meaning that it's good to hear other artists for ideas too but try to just think about what you want to "say" musically and that will have it's own voice.

Owskie, work on those tunes and finish them up!

Did you guys purchase the album? If so, I think you will enjoy it very much :-). I've gotten some great feedback on iTunes and Cdbaby already with some reviews!

From one music creator to another,

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Update: My Album Evening Light is on sale at CDBABY for only $7.99 for the rest of the week :-). Get it while it lasts at that price!
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Evening Light is now $5.99 for a limited time on CDBABY here:

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As someone who has worked closely with Cesar on the TSL project towards the very end this last few months, I have to tell you how much of a fan of your music I am. You are extremely talented.

I was fortunate to have seen the final build of the introduction and wow... I was so incredibly moved. It really hit home. I was moved to tears.

You have such an incredible gift... one that I am so envious of. As an aspiring musician myself, I really look up to artists like yourself, especially ones who dabble in the gaming field.

Keep on doing what you do best and know that you have fans out there watching - and listening!

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I always loved the music I heard in TSL.

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