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Default Dash Series...

For those of you looking to try out something different here is a complete guide to all Dash games...

Game Name------Score (Gamespot)-Votes-Year-Gamezebo score

Cooking Dash --------9.2-----------------3---2008---4.0 Stars
Plantasia ------------8.5---------------- 12-- 2006 --5.0 Stars
Diner Dash: Flo on the Go-8.4------------ 63--2006--- 4.0 Stars
Diner Dash 2---------8.0-----------------124-2007--- 4.0 Stars
Wedding Dash-------7.9------------------ 4--2007--- 4.0 Stars
Diner Dash----------7.5------------------ 511-2003-- 5.0 Stars
Fitness Dash--------7.5-------------------1---2008-- 3.5 Stars
SpongeBob SquarePants: Diner Dash-7.3-- 23-- 2007-- 3.5 Stars
Diner Dash: Hometown Hero- 7.2-----------6---2007--- 4.0 Stars
Avenue Flo--------- 7.0------------------ 1---2009--- 4.0 Stars
Wedding Dash: Ready, Aim, Love!-6.5----- 1---2009-- 3.5 stars
Cooking Dash: DinerTown Studios- 5.0----- 1--- 2009-- 3.5 Stars
DinerTown Detective Agency -------------------2009--4.0 Stars
Dairy Dash------------------------------------2008---4.0 Stars
Parking Dash-----------------------------------2008--4.0 Stars
Wedding Dash 2:Rings Around the World-------- 2008--3.0 Stars
Doggie Dash---------------------------------- 2008--3.5 Stars
Pet Shop Hop---------------------------------- 2008--3.5 Stars
Diaper Dash------------------------------------2009---3.5 Stars
Diner Dash: Flo Through Time -------------------2009-- 3.4 Stars
DinerTown Tycoon------------------------------2009 3.0 Stars
Fashion Dash-----------------------------------2008-- 2.5 Stars
Dress Shop Hop-------------------------------- 2008--2.5 Stars
Diner Dash 4: Seasonal Snack Pack---- ---------2008
SpongeBob SquarePants: Diner Dash 2 ----------2007
Hotel Dash: Suite Success----------------------2009
Diner Dash 5-------------------------- ---------2009

REVIEWS Conclusions :

1)Dress Shop Hop
is an average entry in the time management genre,
playable but not as quirky or memorable as some of its peers.
In fact, its biggest claim to fame is its difficulty.
If you're a time management game veteran looking for a challenge,
look no further than Dress Shop Hop - anyone who manages to earn
Expert ranking in every level certainly earns kudos from us

2)Diner Dash
Make no mistake though: Diner Dash can be hard.
Even seasoned players find some of the levels shockingly difficult,
as online chat rooms attest.
But this (and a weak music score) are really the game's only failings;
and they're minor. That's why it earned this unusual perfect score
- it really is a great game.

3)Diner Dash 2: Restaurant Rescue
The game's difficult isn't a deal breaker. On the contrary,
you can see the challenge as setting Diner Dash 2 apart
from other casual games. Rather than being a mind-numbing
click-fest, this is a pulse-pounding quick jolt of excitement

4)Diner Dash: Flo on the Go
does exactly what a good sequel should: give gamers more of what
they've grown to love about the series yet add new angles to keep
the game-play interesting. Some, however, who may have expected more,
or who don't care about dressing Flo up in new outfits, may be
disappointed there isn't anything too new in this sequel.
Overall, however, it's truly a game that's easy to play but hard
to put down.

5)Wedding Dash: Ready, Aim, Love!
is a fun, romantic time management game that puts a new spin
on waitressing. With lots of room for strategy, lots of combo
moves, and plenty of tasks to manage, the pace is swift without
being too frantic. If you want a challenge with a sweet theme,
check it out.

6)Wedding Dash 2: Rings Around the World
isn't a bad game at all - before you know it it's 3am and you're
still feverously clicking away to manage the perfect wedding.
But despite a few new locations, guests and scenarios,
it's basically the exact same game as the original.
I'm sorry, but a game that's only, say, 10 percent new,
isn't necessarily enough to justify the purchase.

7)Wedding dash
everything you'd expect from a PlayFirst micromanagement simulation
- and it will feel like deja vu to Diner Dash addicts -
so be aware these two games are fairly similar going in.
But the humorous storyline and dialogue, entertaining scenarios
that take place at the reception, and increasingly challenging weddings
to run, the laughs last as long as your mouse clicking finger.

8)Diner Dash: Hometown Hero
is a good mix of the familiar along with several significant new ideas.
Gameplay is still as challenging as ever and gets more than a little
frantic at times (the bawling babies certainly don't help),
but most importantly, the game still feels fresh -
which after this many sequels isn't an easy feat

9)Doggie Dash
We didn't dislike Doggie Dash, but we were, ahem,
doggone disappointed with it. Sure, it's a decent
game but perhaps we hold PlayFirst at very high regard or
believe a time management game should offer something new
to the genre (or both). That said, players (and for sure animal
lovers) will enjoy playing the game during its free 60-minute trial,
but there's little reason to play beyond that.

10)Pet Shop Hop
is not a, er, cat-astrophe (tee hee) but it could've been improved
in a few areas. That said, economic component and wide variety of
animals and accessories gives this game a lot of depth and playability.

11)Dairy Dash
Still, true to form there are enough twists and turns in the gameplay
to keep things interesting, and while the strategy seems like it hasn't
yet been totally refined, Dairy Dash still gets the thumbs up for
bringing the whole family in on the action and introducing a
whole new way to play the time management format.

12)Fashion Dash
is yet another example of a disappointing – and self-destructive -
casual game trend of pumping out similar (or virtually identical)
games every other month or so in the hopes customers will continue
to cough up the $20 for more of the same. If publishers like PlayFirst
spent half as much time dreaming up new ideas as they do shoveling us
the same game in a new wrapper, we might just see this industry evolve
both creatively and financially.

TO be continued....
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13)Cooking Dash
Players who like their time management games to be fast-paced and
even a little frantic will love Cooking Dash. The cooking portion
adds a challenging new dimension to the gameplay, and the game has
ample polish and fun to go with it.

14)Diner Dash 4: Seasonal Snack Pack
The visual and the animation in this game is very funny and entertaining.
I like the changes everytime we move on the next level in each part.
We can change or add the decoration of the restaurant.

15)Parking Dash
is a challenging and gratifying time management sim that will satisfy
both newbie players and long-time “Dash” fanatics.
It might not be perfect but it’s the best spinoff we’ve seen so far this year.

16)Diner Dash: Flo Through Time
If you've played previous games in the series before, though,
the one thing that's likely to surprise you about this one
(well, it surprised me) is just how difficult it is.
If you are a newcomer to the series, DO NOT start with this game!
I've played a few of the Diner Dash games through to completion,
now, and thought I was pretty good at them.
Flo Through Time has demonstrated to me the full extent of my arrogance.

17)Fitness Dash
We liked Fitness Dash a lot, and along with Parking Dash,
it proves to be one of the better Dash sequels, but aside
from the mini-game it’s the same ‘ol, same ‘ol. This might
be fine for some, so be sure to download and play the free trial
before shelling out the $20 on this time management clone.

18)Diaper Dash
I have high expectations of PlayFirst's Dash series, and while I loved
the game overall and found it to be clever, fun and full of charm,
it did disappoint in terms of challenge. After having completed nearly
all of the games in the series, this was the first time that I was able
to earn all expert scores easily in less than 12 hours.
Luckily, the game offers an Endless Day mode, which gives it the re-playability
needed to make this game worth the price. As well, the characters are
delightful and fans of earlier Dash games will love seeing the
children of their favorite Dinertown residents.

19)DinerTown Tycoon
Players might get a kick out of DinerTown Tycoon because it’s something
a little different from the “Dash” games, but its tycoon gameplay
is a little shaky.

20)DinerTown Detective Agency
Overall, however, we found the game enjoyable with its multiple
game-play elements, cute stories and characters, and few game modes.
At the very least, fans of HOGs or adventure games should download
and play the free 60-minute trial.

21)Spongebob Squarepants Diner Dash
SpongeBob Diner Dash is not so much a new game as a modification of the original
Diner Dash. The animated characters have changed, as has the music
and the wording of the scenarios to take advantage of the SpongeBob
phenomenon. With 50 levels of increasingly challenging gameplay, an endless
shift mode, and modest system requirements, the casual gameplaying SpongeBob
fanatic should find this an enjoyable and affordable addition to their game collection.

22)SpongeBob Diner Dash 2
is a fun Diner Dash-type game for a change. The game is both
challenging and interesting with all its upgrades.

23)Avenu Flo
For people who don't play many adventure games and might find themselves
easily frustrated, Avenue Flo is a soft and painless (and polished,
and fun) introduction to the genre. But if you already have a few
adventure games under your belt then you might find this game a
bit too easy, in spite of its considerable charm.

The sounds effects are appropriate, both thematically and functionally.
Bugs chirp before entering the screen, giving you both atmosphere and warning.
Flowers make a strange, dusty sound before wilting. The music is a light-hearted
bassoon and strings affair, perfectly suited for the natural scene.
It sometimes seems almost too serene, considering the essentially frantic
nature of the gameplay, and the game might have done more with its
sounds to accentuate the action-oriented nature of scoring bonuses
and making combo chains of flowers. But if that's the greatest of
complaints one can file against it, Plantasia is certainly a winner.

25)Cooking Dash: DinerTown Studios
certainly has not moved mountains in comparison to its predecessor,
and significant changes are few and far between. However, the game
concept still has not lost its appeal, and fans of the dash series
will be absolutely satisfied by this product without any doubt.

But Not Andress
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