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Default "Alice? Are you all right?" ....OMG! Sequel!!!

Words cannot express how excited I am! I utterly and consummately devoured the original. I just hope that this time McGee puts a lot more beef into the combat (it was rather tepid before)...

Video: Return Of Alice Teaser | Gay Gamer

In February, Asterick reported that Spicy Horse, where American McGee is currently, and EA would be working on a sequel to American McGee's Alice, which will be available for PC, PS3, and Xbox 360.

Here is the teaser site, with little on it as yet.

This is how you get the teaser video above, which has a similar style, but is much more engaged in stop motion animation. An important note that the video leaves us is the year 2011. As for the story, it appears that Alice has suffered a relapse, with the iconic pierced, scrawny Cheshire Cat back as her guide.
I missed Cheshire sooooo much!!!

Note - don't expect the game to be stop motion-like. They just took liberties with the teaser, that's all.
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I loved the first one, it was really good. But i'm a bit sceptical about this one. I'm not worried about the quality, but the first game is not very popular, most of the new gamers never heard about it, i'm not sure it will be a comercial success. I hope i'm wrong obviously.
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I actually never thought of the game as unpopular. Practically everyone I know, and then some knew the game and loved it.
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The first had atmosphere to spare. Colour me excited.
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The first one was very good. I enjoyed it. I should give it a replay as I've only done it once. I'll most likely buy the sequel, but I'm not sure how I feel about it. I'm neither optimistic nor pessimistic.

It's great that the Cheshire Cat is back, but I hope it'll be the original voice actor. The one from that teaser doesn't sound as good. * I also hope that Chris Vrenna, Mark Blasquez and singer Jessicka come back to do the music. The creepy audio/music is one of the best things about the original game.

* And for those of you who don't know, the original voice actor of the Cheshire Cat is none other than Roger Jackson. Not only has he supplied his voice for numerous cartoons and video games, but he's none other than Winslow in Tales of Monkey Island.
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