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Default Do they still make weird games?

I have to conclude the era of MPC, FMV games in the nineties was one of the most weirdest times for gaming...

Some titles that come immediately to mind are Inca (Opening with a elderly woman sitting by a river during sunrise whose face decomposes and turns into a magical flying intergalactic panflute), Bad Mojo, Normality, Commander Blood ( Let's see you make sense of this intro...), Bad Day on the Midway, Another World and without a doubt: Total Distortion...

What titles should we be looking out for today that follow in this heritage of weird and bizarre gaming? And who is the Lynch or Jodorowsky of gaming today?
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Brutal Legend just got released recently into Stores on X-Box 360 (I think it was also released on PC)

It's from Tim Schafer: the man who made Psychonauts, Grim Fandango, and Day of the Tentacle.

It stars the voice of Jack Black, and the world looks inansely twisted, and creative. I hope to buy it pretty soon.
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I'd recommend having a look at Ice Pick Lodge games. The Void is their new one and is supposedly very bizarre but if you really fancy a challenge then give Pathologic a whirl but do note that it's a rather unforgiving experience thanks to poor translation and technical issues! As this article states, it's the best game you'll never play.

Oh and I've not played either btw, but read a lot about them!
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The path looked very weird to.
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