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Default What's the name of this PS1 game?!

Many years ago, while Play Station 1 was still widely used, I bought a great game and now I can't remember how it's called and whether there is a PC version of this game available.

So basically, this was a point and click game with elements of mystery. As far as I can remember, it begins when you wake up in a room of what seems to be your apartment and as soon as you've clicked around a bit, picked up a key or something from the table, there is a knock on the door; you open it and there is this guy who gives you some strange looking object and he doesn't tell you what it is. Then you get out of your apartment and go to the nearby town (or actually, it's more of village than a town) and there you need to walk around, talk to people, enter stores, etc. And just like most games of this kind, the whole place looks rather creepy, unfriendly and abandoned. I think I also remember there was a church at the center of this place and a little harbor at the other end...

I don't remember the story line all that well, but I didn't even get half way through the game. I know that at one point you get to speak to this guy who tells you about some fire at some place, and later you enter an inn at the harbor I mentioned and speak with a sailor...

Well, I don't know how clear I described it, but I'm sure those who know the game will remember it right away.

Thanks in advance.

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Sounds like Necronomicon.

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Yes, that's it!!!

Thank you SO MUCH! :-D

I never thought I'd find it!
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