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Old 05-14-2009, 02:28 PM   #1
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Default Any crash bandicoot fans on here?

Anyone a fan of that crazy bandicoot? Favorite game has to be Crash Bandicoot Warped.
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I liked the third one best too, but I haven't really played any of the new ones, although I do kinda like the newer design. I was actually wondering about getting one for my Wii. Is it worth it? The thing just sits under the tv in my bedroom waiting for a new game, but all I ever do is play Sonic Adventure 2 X3
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Loved Crash, it was a game that my nephews and nieces and myself could sit down and play together, even now they all remember playing Crash with thier Aunty Trina, I was used to bet the bosses.
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ooo yeah i love crash. i havent played it in agggess though xxx
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I only got 3 crash games - warped for ps1 , loved it , never manage to finish it , was hard. Then the latest ones - crash of the titans & mind over mutant. Plays a bit different from warped and much easier. Nevertheless , it was still fun.
Mind over mutant is better than crash of the titans since it expanded on the mutants (and their usage) and the gameworld was free roaming , only drawback i suppose is that you need to travel back and forth a lot between the different areas which can get a bit tedious.
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