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Default Gamespot's "A History of Video Game Controversy"

It was a somewhat worthwhile read, although I didn't feel it was particularly well-written. One of the biggest problems is that it simply IS just a history, and nothing else. I was hoping for more of an editorial, because as it is the article is mainly just a checklist of games that have caused media controversy. Certainly it's interesting to have a chronolical and exhaustive reference of this, particularly if one is planning on writing one's own editorial, but it's not essential.
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Remixor, try reading "The Ultimate History of Video Games". It has a great chapter on law suits relating to video games, with actual quotes of some of the things that were said during the court cases.

The book as a whole is pretty good, if a bit dry in the beginning. It glosses over the SNES/Genesis era, but, hey, any survey history of any topic has to gloss over some areas.
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